Purolator Shipping Agent, Williams Lake, BC

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Purolator Shipping Agent
1155 South Lakeside Dr
V2G 3A7 Williams Lake
British Columbia
*This location is permanently closed. Please select a nearby branch.

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, more than 6 months ago

They are the worse people to deal with , if they don't want the business they should give it up or close their doors. Absolutely rediculous.

, more than 6 months ago

How do you fire these people? Still waiting for confirmation on my order,which, I have been told by other people, arrived last Thursday! This is eight days ago! Could not find a phone number to inquire about my order until I googled it. Unacceptable!

Bean Macdonald

, more than 6 months ago

I've never had any luck with Purolator and cringe when my packages are to be delivered with them, my most recent experience is they didn't deliver the package to my house and instead I have to pick it up from their location. I've asked why there was no attempted delivery to which their reply is "not sure", I'm sure picking it up will be no easy task as usual.

, more than 6 months ago

absolutely the worst customer service ever part of our shipment arrived I have been very ill lately and have a hard time getting out of bed let alone leave the house my wife went down to p/u she will be 75 next month and not a very big woman at all they refused to help her in anyway said it was not their policy to carry stuff from the depot these are 30 lbs each my wife for fear of injuring herself had to leave them how can you not help a senior woman we have never been treated so bad now we are going to get these delivered to another town and will p/u there as we will never deal with this depot again

Katie Blaxland

, more than 6 months ago

We have had nothing but issues dealing with these people. Regarding two packages in the last six months, they have 'attempted delivery' at my home when I know I was home and then did not leave a slip or call me to inform me that my packages had arrived. Since I didn't know my packages had arrived and I did not go to their warehouse to pick them up, they shipped them back to sender....twice! Which resulted in a major ordeal to get my product delivered back. Just pathetic. And, they are incredibly rude to deal with as well. Is there no one else in Williams Lake who can provide this service??!

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