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Bystanders Lift truck off cyclist


Numerous motorists witnessed the crash, which occurred around 9:20 p.m. Tuesday night, and they raced to the scene.

“His (the cyclist’s) feet weren’t even hanging out under the bumper, he was right under there,” recalled Blois, who runs a cab company in the town west of Calgary. “His face had lacerations all over it and he was just moaning.

“He sounded like he was in pain and he couldn’t breathe.”

Six initial witnesses — three men and and three women — began attempts to move the rig off the man, but it proved too heavy.

Then, a bus rolled up across the road and more strapping lads stepped off.

“I said, ‘I need strong guys… get on the truck, grab a part, we’ve got to lift it,’ ” Blois said. “They came over, there was probably nine or 10 of us, and we lifted it up . . . the women pulled him straight out.”

Blois said EMS arrived on scene seven or eight minutes later and rushed the cyclist to hospital. He was eventually airlifted to Calgary, but RCMP have since indicated that he’s in stable condition.

Blois paid credit to his fellow rescuers.

“If it was later at night and there had just been one person there, there would have been nothing they could do and if the driver had tried to back off of him, I hate to say it, but it would have tore him apart,” he said.

“I can’t explain what it was like to see everybody pull together and do something like that. Just the urgency of the moment, with that fella needing their help, it was a miracle.”