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Do you know how to take care of your Well Water


Having well water is not a bad thing, unless you are not taking care of it properly.  There are things you need to do with a well that you do not need to do when you are on municipal water.  This is to make sure it is safe and clean.  If you have purchased a home that is on a well then it is a good idea to be educated by a professional on how to use it, how to test it and how to take care of the equipment.

Important Well Water information – Click Here for more information 



How hard is your Water


  We all know what hard water can do to your home, hair, skin and appliances. But do you know  how hard it is?  I have attached a link with just this information, and a chart that tells you if your H2O is considered hard or not.  You can find your city and see where you stand. 

   If your city is not on the list remember there are other ways to see if there are hardness issues in your home. Hard water will leave spots on chrome fixtures or glass shower doors. Your soap will not lather as it should, and your skin and hair will be dry.

  Now the questions is what do you do if you have it? Well you call a professional to come out and test your water and see what your numbers are, and then you can discuss with them what your options are.  Keep in mind the following though;


Your community is always testing  and making sure that the levels are right where they are supposed to be. Calcium in your H2O  is not unsafe, but is can cause some issues when it comes to faucets, pipes, hair and skin.  If you have a hardness issue then a softener should be considered.  Through eating, breathing and drinking , contaminates get into your body.  These come mostly from the food we eat.  The thing about H2O is that, it is the only thing that cleans out the contaminates, and the cleaner it is, the more stuff it takes out. Kind of like cleaning your windows. The dirtier the water the less clean the window are. 

So remember, if you have any questions please give us a call and we can help explain all of this to you in more detail. And don’t forget to find you city on the list and see where you city stands. 

Ontario Cities Hard Water List

What does your number mean?